October 2014

You’ll have to Take it Up With God, Because it Wasn’t My Idea.

It hadn’t been one of Seth’s better days. Seth had had a meltdown during therapy and I was in need of some downtime. He was content to be in his jumper for a bit, so i asked Kennedy and Erin… Continue Reading →

My Inconvenient Truth

My dearest Seth, I have done a lot of thinking today and have drawn this conclusion: Truth is, you are inconvenient. During the quietest moments of any given church service, you indulge your urges to sing, clap and chant, “mommamommamomma!”as… Continue Reading →

Solitary Confinement

Sometimes we look at physical and sexual abuse and know that those are the “bigger”, or “worse” forms. Emotional abuse seems so slight, so minute, so “less than” in the world of punches & rape, but the subtleties of control… Continue Reading →

Finally Good Enough

For a month or two or more, the phrase echoing through my mind has been, “Raise your standard.” It started as a mere hum, and then when I turned towards it developed into a murmur. When I examined it more… Continue Reading →

Dead Weight

I am morbidly obese. I know because I saw my doctor 9 days ago. (Because my blood pressure has been bouncing around. Highs of 167/128 and lows of 90/56.) My doctor said, “Well, you haven’t gained any weight since I… Continue Reading →


I’ve talked for several years with a good friend and fellow writer about the high cost of redemption. It started to crystallize in my mind when I first became aware of the tragedy of special needs orphans in eastern Europe…. Continue Reading →

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