Carrie Joy

Reflection Blessing

I love blessings I love that we have these times of year and occasions in life that call for them Greetings Birthdays Goings New beginnings (May the road rise up to meet you) With the new year, there are always… Continue Reading →

The In-Between Time

  Not long ago I came across the lovely Marcel Proust quote Let us be grateful to people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. How delicious is that! It made me think… Continue Reading →

The Ghosts That We Knew

Funny how one’s brain questions, squints, guesses How it holds on to ideas conceptions only entertaining niggling sensations with grudging skepticism Curdling those things the gut knows with complete conviction certitude peace After 23 years, my viscera knew him. Immediately…. Continue Reading →

When Her Problems are Bigger Than Yours

“Who do you talk to when anyone who really gets you is having bigger problems?” This came across my Facebook feed today. My reply? “You talk to them anyway if they’re available and willing. Just because someone may be dealing… Continue Reading →

Green Grass Guilt

Who doesn’t like a nice, pithy saying designed to make you think? I love them. I used to think this kind of saying was included in that category. But it’s not. This is guilt. This is judgment. This, my friends,… Continue Reading →


I’ve talked for several years with a good friend and fellow writer about the high cost of redemption. It started to crystallize in my mind when I first became aware of the tragedy of special needs orphans in eastern Europe…. Continue Reading →

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